Monday, 15 April 2013

Francis's Birth

Below is an account of how I found out about the birth of my son, Francis. I hope that the incredible emotions of that night come through.

Hail Mary after Francis was born (16th December 2012)

Following closely from my previous post; Sam underwent an emergency caeserian for which she needed a general anaesthetic (her temperature was too high for the local anaesthetic).  This meant that I was unable to go into theatre with her, so I was left in the delivery room on my own.  After she left I paced the room for a short time, wondering, as I suppose anyone would, whether there was anything we could have done to make the labour easier. After a minute or two I sat down with my head in my hands and prayed; perhaps more intently than I have ever prayed – I used no words, I just felt that at that moment I was close to God, or rather, God was close to me. I thought back to that Rosary from the night before, particularly the Nativity Mystery and began saying a Hail Mary for the well-being of Sam and our child. My heart, mind and soul were despairing (this may be a strong word, but it is the most appropriate word I have). As I came to the traditional split in that first prayer (…of thy womb, Jesus) the door opened and the Consultant who had been looking after Sam came in and told me that we had a son, and that they were both OK. I thanked her and as she left I continued my prayer. For anyone who does not have children I cannot think of a comparison to the feelings washing over me; intense joy, happiness and a thousand other synonymous words, but all permeated by an immense relief that Sam and the baby were both OK. Within one short prayer I had gone from perhaps the lowest point emotionally of my life to one of the highest. I have always found the idea of asking for and/or being granted intercessions by our Blessed Mother or the saints a difficult thing to believe in, but in that moment I truly had no doubt that Mary was with us and praying for us to Christ.

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