Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First post... Very new to this...

So I'm very new to the idea of blogging, let alone doing my own, but I hope that this blog will become an insight into my faith and how I view my relationship with God.

For a first post I think I should explain why I have decided to put what has, until now, been a private diary of my faith journey out into the public domain:

I been seeking spiritual direction from a priest I know, and discussing various aspects of my faith with him. He advised me to seek a range of views on some matters, so as to better make my own conclusions. We discussed some different methods of how to do this, and as well as reading and talking directly to people I know, the idea of a blog came up. I am hoping that this blog will do two things - firstly, I hope that it will form an account of the development of my faith over time, and secondly it will give people a chance to share their experiences, be they similar or contradictory.

I cannot promise frequent or regular updates, although I'm sure at times there will be both. Perhaps that is a first insight into my own (and I'm sure lots of others') faith - there are times when our faith is rightly at the forefront of our minds, but others when it equally appropriately plays second fiddle to short-term, but vital, personal matters. 


  1. Great way to start your blog. I look forward to reading more and commenting also.

    1. Thanks Leslie, it is good to know that people are discovering and having a read of what I write here. Best wishes. Martin.